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    5 ft. 6 in.
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    High School
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    Social Services
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I am a warm, loving, compassionate woman looking for a loving, caring and RESPONSIBLE gentleman. (I think). I love beauty, talent, discipline and hard working man who will accept me for what I am. I`m a creature of emotions, impulse, intuition, instincts, imagination and empathy rather than reason or logic (unfortunately); a lot of the things that I do and say come from the heart, not because of any ulterior motives. I pride myself in my honesty and expect the same from the people I interact with respectively.

What I am looking for

I am looking for a partner who is religious, cool, understanding, hard working, intelligent, responsible, reliable and a man who is ready to be honest,sincere and truthful with me. I prefer a man who will take me out for walking in the evening and tell me how he manage to get to where he is in life. Well I guess you have to find me to tell you more and mostly I want a man who is ready to discuss everything with me. NO SECRET