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The names Monica, I'm nineteen, graduated from high school, on my own, i work at Yakima's own little version of an army base (YTC) at the Firing Point, i also work at the high school i graduated from--child care plus teen parent program teacher,have fulfilled a continual career as an army brat my whole life, planning on going to college in the spring, shot my first deer when I was ten, love dance, snowboarding, hunting, fourwheelers, shoppin with my girls, watchin the game, you name it, I'm pretty much a social butterfly whose been brought up around guys, I cuss, I drink, I smoke, not afraid of breakin a nail, but don't get me wrong...I'm a lady =] lol it is what it is.
Music: anything i can dance too!
TV: Heroes,Army Wives, Wife Swap, and Sex in the City
Books: Vampires, werewolves, and witches rule the depths of my inner mind. I'm painfully addicted to twilight, vampire academy, and night world series, and am currently reading interview with the vampire by ann rice
Sports: Football baby! I love playing soccer, dance, and winterguard
Movies: Scary, action, and chick
BestFeatures: My eyes, I dunno what else.
Dreams: I have them when I'm sleeping, haha

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